The Launch of ReviewMyApp

We are proud to announce the launch of ReviewMyApp! We have been working hard to create a platform for developers and app owners to share reviews. At ReviewMyApp you can get free, quality, honest real reviews for your apps. Its as simple as reviewing an app and receiving a review.

Sign up, add your apps to your account, review an app, then receive a review! Start receiving reviews in minutes! Rack up points by reviewing apps or sharing your referral link around.

We believe that by sharing reviews we can help each other create better apps!

As we have just launched we do want to say that service on the website may be slow due to a low number of members signed up. If you experience this, just share your referral link around, rack in the points as people sign up and watch the reviews start rolling in!

We are also giving away PRO MEMBERSHIP to a lucky member! For your chance to win a months pro membership just sign up to our newsletter:

Added 03/03/2016 01:17